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Enhance your Score with our PSAT Test Prep classes in New York
Supercharge your child’s education by enrolling in Test Prep Pundits’ popular PSAT Test Prep online classes in New York. Developed by our well-experienced tutors, our popular PSAT Test Prep Course is tailored-made to take your child to the top 1% level of the nation.


The specialty of our PSAT Test prep Classes is that we teach students extensive strategies and test-taking skills along with highly competitive PSAT Practice tests, to help them improve their time management and problem-solving skills. We have designed our PSAT training program in such a way that, students get a feeling of attending real exams in their PSAT Practice test sessions. It is no wonder that our students easily make their way into top IVY League Colleges after completing their programs.

Concept-oriented PSAT Test Classes for students
We are following a holistic teaching approach to guide our students. Our focus is to develop concepts with the help of unique methodologies, strategies and test-taking skills. And, we are proud of our achievements, as our PSAT online classes have helped hundreds of students to get into some of the top IVY-League colleges across the country. We follow a meticulous teaching approach supported by the latest and most advanced tools of Information Technology.

Highly Advanced PSAT prep classes to join top IVY League Colleges!
If you are aiming for top Ivy League colleges but are still confused about how to accomplish your goals, then don’t be disappointed, as we are here to help you out. Our online PSAT program has been designed in such a way that you can attend our Zoom classes from anywhere.

Are you excited? Our unique PSAT 8/9 programs are open to Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9 students. (However, we strongly recommend all Grade 10 students to join our premium SAT program where we also combine PSAT 10 So that, by the end of the program you are good to take PSAT 10 and SAT). What makes our program unique, compared to our competitors is that students will acquire mastery of all concepts which are required for PSAT 8/9 and 10.

PSAT Test Prep – Duration
The duration of our PSAT program is usually 6 to 8 months, with weekly three hours of online tutoring (1 Hour Math+1 Hour Reading+1 Hour Writing). To ensure that, the students review their learning material regularly, we allocate two to three hours of online homework every week. We proactively take feedback from the parents to track the student’s progress.

Key features of our PSAT Test Prep Course
We offer weekly three hours of online tutoring.
The PSAT program typically last for 6 to 8 months.
Then the students are expected to take real PSAT 8/9 or PSAT 10.
It is a small group online tutoring through zoom.
We are offering 2 weeks of free PSAT test prep – No credit card required.

Attractive offer for PSAT Program
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Expert faculty for PSAT Test Prep Classes in New York
We are a team of highly motivated, scholarly faculty, with decades of experience in the field of online tutoring. Our expertise is in providing the most advanced and personalized teaching in PSAT Test Prep in New York City. Our mission is to ignite the minds of the learners and our motto is “HELP YOU ACHIEVE TOP PSAT SCORE”.

Need Help?
We are ready to resolve your queries and clarify your doubts about PSAT. Reach out to us and we’ll help you to get on the right path.
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