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PSAT Test Prep Course Online

The PSAT is a test that many students will take at the beginning of their high school years. It is important for students to know where they stand in comparison to the nation, instead of their school district or class level.

The PSAT is not a gateway for colleges like SAT. But it provides a first indicator on what subjects require more attention and give an idea of whether the student needs to take remedial classes.
The goal of this exam is not only for students to receive their scores but also for them to have better insight on where they stand in relation to other people across the country with similar academic backgrounds, so that they can work on improving their skill set as well as plan out how they want their future education path to be.

PSAT Test Prep Course Details

We offer weekly three hours of online tutoring.(1 Hour Math+1 Hour Reading+1 Hour Writing).The PSAT program typically last for 6 to 8 months.Then the students are expected to take real PSAT 8/9 or PSAT 10.It is a small group online tutoring through zoom.We are offering 2 weeks of free PSAT test prep – No credit card required.
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We teach extensive strategies and test taking skills. Also conduct several time bound tests so that students get to know how to face a stringent time bound test. All our tutors are well experienced and extensively trained on our unique strategies.

Do you have a middle school child?

Are you aiming for top IVY league colleges?

Do you know how strong are they in academics?

If you have a middle school child, it is important to know what they are good at and what they need to improve. It is also important to know how strong they are in academics. This will help them get into the right college.
If you are a parent of a child who is in the middle school, you might be wondering if it is too early to start PSAT preparation. But the truth is that it never gets too early to start preparing for the PSAT.

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As a matter of fact, if your child has the potential to get into top ivy league colleges, then you should be starting as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many parents are not aware that the early grades are key in preparing for the SAT.
Early views and words will lead to better test-taking skills and, in turn, better grades on the all-important tests like the SAT.

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Q1. For which grades do you offer PSAT?
A: PSAT 8/9 is offered for gr 6,7,8 and 9. PSAT 10 is offered to gr 10 students. (We suggest all gr.10 students to join our premium SAT program where we also combine PSAT 10 So that, by the end of the program you are good to take PSAT 10 and SAT)
Q2. What is the focus of your program?
A: We teach unique strategies and test taking skills and develop concepts.
By the end of the program students will get mastery on all concepts which are required for PSAT 8/9 and 10.
Q3. Tell about your teachers?
A: All our teachers are certified and very well experienced. We do hire college grads, but they should have top1% sat score and impressive teaching skills.
Q4. How do you conduct classes?
A: We conduct classes online through zoom sessions.
Q5. Tell about your classes?
A: Classes are very interactive, and student centered. Often you can see raging debate among the students regarding concepts. We also integrate several online tech tools to actively engage students.
Q6. What is the schedule of the program?
A: Weekly 3 hrs. (1hr Math,1 hr. reading and 1 hr. writing) The program lasts for 6 to 8 months.
Q7. Do you offer Homework?
A: Yes, students are assigned two to three hours of online homework every week. Parents are given consistent feedback on their progress.

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