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You begin with an assessment test which gives a glimpse on your weaknesses and strengths. We match our strength to your weakness. We boost your strength with stellar online curium. You get extensive practice with 15 full length tests. Un surpassed personalized tutoring. Powerful teachers coupled with energetic tutoring. What next? You achieve your best score.

All tutors are experienced and extensively trained on SAT/ACT/PSAT.
Your child will get the same tutor for all sessions, developing a strong level of engagement, rapport, and familiarity. Fully customized schedule based on your availability, giving you the most flexibility.

Our Powerful Teachers

Our Top 1% Instructors

Vyshnavi Davuluri - Top 1% Instructor
- AP cal AB/BC, AP Chem, AP Bio
- She scored in the 99th percentile on SAT and ACT.


10 Hours Package-$399

She taught AP subjects for more than 3 years. Currently an undergraduate at the University of Houston. She enjoys teaching greatly, as it allows special bonds to be formed. By forming a trustful connection, the students will be able to feel free to ask any questions without hesitation, a key to successfully completing the SAT, ACT, and any class subjects. Having been interested in pursuing a career in medicine for a long time, she is a Biology major and a pre-med. Born in Pennsylvania, however, she has moved to many states and has settled in Texas. In her free time, she enjoys making artwork and spending time with friends. Also, she enjoys traveling and exploring different places within Houston.

STANLEY SHAO - Top 1% Instructor
- AP chem, Ap cal, Ap stat, AP phy, AP Bio
- He scored in the 99th percentile on SAT and ACT.


10 hours package-$399

He has over 5 years of ACT, SAT, and AP exam teaching experience and enjoy conveying the content in a way that works well with the student’s learning style. He is a firm believer that educators should discover how the student learns best and adapt to them. He graduated from Trinity University with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and a minor in Mathematics. On the weekends, I love to play piano and go fencing with my friends. I also recently picked up guitar!

Simon Merheb - Top 1% Instructor
- AP cal AB/BC, Ap-Chem, Ap Phy, AP Bio


10 hours package-$399

Simon Merheb is currently a second-year Chemical Engineering student at Texas A&M University. He is also pursuing pre-med, in hopes of getting to accept into medical school and becoming an oncologist. He taught Several AP subjects for more than three years.Mr. Merheb has consistently ranked among the top 1% in a number of academic measurements such as the SAT, AP College Board Exams and high school class rank, where he came in at number four in his class of 400+ people. Moreover, Simon possesses a unique insight into the college admissions process, having been accepted into every major school in the state of Texas and been awarded thousands of dollars in merit-based award money. He especially excels in the written and spoken portion of the college application process and is extremely friendly and amicable to deal with. In his free-time, Mr. Merheb enjoys exercising and hanging out with friends.

Ms. Shannon - Top 1% Instructor
- A recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University.
- Scored in the 99th percentile on SAT and ACT.
- Ap Calculus BC/AB, AP Stats, Ap Bio


10 Hours Package-$399

Ms. Shannon has tutored ap subjects for several years and developed several strategies. She also taught high school students in math and physics.  She is an enthusiastic teacher who encourages students to be actively engaged with what they are learning. She understands that everyone thinks differently, therefore she tries to see problems in new and creative ways. As a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Neuroscience, she is currently pursuing a Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. On the weekends she can be found going for hikes with her friends or checking out a new coffee shop. She recently studied abroad in Rome, Italy and hopes to do more travelling.

Mr. Camilio - (A proud graduate of Harvard) - Top 1% Instructor


10 hours package-$499

He has a very good experience in tutoring ACT and SAT. He connects with the students in no time. Learning Test Prep with him is a great fun. Having graduated from Harvard with a degree in Physics, He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in physics at the university of Toronto. Born in Colombia and raised throughout United States, He is passionate about exploring new places and cultures. Moreover, he loves to fish and rock climb.

Brandon Nguyen - Top 1% Instructor
- AP chem


10 hours package-$399

He taught SAT/ACT/PSAT for more than 3 years. A recent graduate of the Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy. A pharmacist is a teacher to their patients over medicine rather than just an expert on medication. He has a little over a year’s worth of experience tutoring SAT prep and over 3 years of tutoring experience. He tries to make learning fun and engaging while focusing on empowering the student. He has dual citizenship between the USA and Canada. His hobbies include tennis, baking, streaming, and karaoke.

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